Radinn Explore


Radinn Explore is our most durable and stable board. Perfect for beginners, designed for reliability and built to last.

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What does your Radinn Explore purchase include?

To purchase a complete and rideable jetboard you need to order at least one Board Type, one Jetpack and one Powerpack. For every complete board you’ll also receive a charger, one pair of fins, a wireless hand controller and board leash. Basically everything you need to go Jetboarding!

  • Durable undercoating
  • Built-in bumper
  • Full impact deck-pad
  • Arctic inspired design theme

52 km/h

Top Speed

45 min


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Radinn explore


Radinn Explore ICEBREAKER Photos

Speed & Range

G3: 25mph / 40 kmh
G3 Pro: 32mph / 52kmh

Est. ride time:
Standard: 25min
Long: 35min
Extended: 45min


15 kg / 33 lbs

Dimensions (LxWxH)

1939 x 813 x 170 mm
6’4″ x 2’7″ x 0.6′ feet


High impact ABS+PMMA polymer shells with a Polyurethane foam core and a marine grade bumper trim.


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