SCUBAJET is the first multipurpose water jet system that turns motorizes every SUP and it’s the smallest dive scooter on the market. We are currently working on more and more adapters for canoes, kayaks, foils and the jet pack, which will be released shortly. It’s probably the easiest way to get on the water motorized today.

World’s most versatile water jet system

Our main goal is to make water sports activities more awesome. Our new and revised controller system is well alligned to all different use cases to assure a perfect handling in and under the water.
scubajet scooter

The dive edition

The SCUBAJET PRO dive edition convinces with a precise and reliable aluminium housing and it’s brand new Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand, that makes every dive even more exciting. Due to the 2.4” display, all necessary informations to make the dive trip safer than ever before. Besides the remaining runtime and dive depth, also the temperature, LED light indicator and power consumption are visible directly on the controller.

Stand Up paddle

Stand up paddling has been the trending water sports in the last few years. It’s definitely one of the coolest ways to move on water. SUP improves your balance, strengthens your core and also rewards you with a beautiful vista on a lake, a river or the sea. If you’re in for a little more action on your SUP board, our SCUBAJET PRO is the right choice for you. Our finbox adapters are compatible with many different types of SUP boards and SCUBAJET can be used as motor for your SUP in a second.
scubajet pro

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