A revolution in the Stand Up Paddle market. Conscious of the weight constraint that double layer construction generates.

Coasto has developed a unique technology consisting of thermal fusion of the two layers of PVC. At Coasto, the two layers of PVC are no longer bonded, but thermo-welded.

Fish Surf Gonflable

Certain of the quality of its boards, Coasto is now innovating and promoting a range of inflatable surfboards! Thanks to TTS® technology, these new surfboards can sustain a pressure of 22 psi to provide unparalleled rigidity.

Inflatable surf

Due to the constraints exerted, the Air Surf Coasto is used with a pressure of 22 psi, assuring them a stiffness and an important feeling.

Ultra compact

Global Innovation!
The Air Surf Coasto fold up and store in a conventional backpack with all the necessary equipment.

Lightweight Paddle Surf

The weight of this board does not exceed 5kg which makes it easily maneuverable on water.


With increased stiffness, the Air Surf Coasto allows a better resistance to shocks than a conventional board thanks to their flexibility (Rocks, pebbles…) and thus ensure an optimal security.

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