Onewheel Mafia Sinpack

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Introducing the bag worthy of your Onewheel. We’ve teamed up with the senseis from MAFIA bags to create the ultimate Onewheel slingpack.

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Onewheel Accessory Description

This thing does not suck. It carries your wheel, it keeps your buddha from getting muddy. More importantly it shows that you care for your Onewheel, your world and your fellow travelers.

Marcos Mafia founded MAFIA to build some of the world’s finest carrying contraptions. Marcos is a waterman with a love of surfing, solid gear and a reverence for the environment. These shared values made a bag collaboration a no-brainer.

Designed and made in MAFIA’s San Francisco design studio, the slingpack is sewn from re-used sails, the handles are made of up-cycled wetsuit neoprene and everything is hand sewn with love. Each bag is hand-crafted by hipsters and color details are subject to change based on sails available. An amazingly durable, functional and beautiful bag.

1 review for Onewheel Mafia Sinpack

  1. Simon

    Nice bag for onewheel

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