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The first of the Iguana range to include a sealed weatherproof helm and cosy cabin with integrated head. The key features of the Iguana Commuter instantly extend an owners time on the boat. Available with two deck configurations, the all comfort Limo fitted with 6 shock mitigating seats or the transformational lounge seating of the Sport.

At the touch of a button the convertible hard top transforms from lofty sunshade to completely sealed weatherproof helm and the added feature of a cozy cabin and integrated head allows owners and guests to enjoy the Iguana experience for longer. This private room includes electric lock, small day bed storage and the experience to drive out of your yard to stop at your favourite beach restaurant will extend your life like no other boat can.

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The Iguana Commuter truly unique. She can navigate smoothly and dryly through choppy waters, and safely and easily embark virtually any terrain. Making her the perfect tender for a super yacht or the ideal support vessel for your waterfront home.

The convertible hard top is a unique feature to the Iguana Commuter. At the touch of a button, the roof transforms from a heightened sun shade to completely sealed weatherproof helm.

The cozy cabin complete with integrated head allows owners and guests to enjoy the Iguana experience for longer.
This private room with electric door includes a small day bed and ample storage so valuables can be left on board worry free when you disembark at your favourite beach front restaurant.

Designed and built to your standards the Commuter is the most advanced model in the Iguana range. Delivering a smooth and dry and experience every time.
The Commuter can effortlessly reach speeds over 40 knots. The sealed helm ensures passengers are always delivered to their destination dry, even in waves of 4 ft.

The Commuter delivers true freedom and safety on and off the water.

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  1. Carla

    This is the future!

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