Gocycle G3C

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With unrivalled design purity, the G3C sets the standard in urban ebike aesthetics and automotive design excellence. For those looking for the ultimate in commuting or recreational riding, nothing compares to the G3C.

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Lightweight performance
For those looking for the ultimate in lightweight and performance, the G3C weighs just 15.5 kgs. The high modulus carbon front frame and PitstopWheels provide un-rivalled performance.

the Pitstopwheel
Our patented quick-detach Pitstopwheels make folding down the Gocycle G3C easy. The side mounted design not only looks great but makes it quick and easy to remove the wheels and make fixing a flat tire a no sweat deal.

Fastest wheel in the world
On September 2013 in Battle Mountain, Nevada, Gocycle’s pitstopwheel became the fastest bicycle wheel in the world when the VeloX reached a top speed of 133.78km/h (83.6 mph) setting a new world speed record for human-powered vehicles.

the Frame & Battery
A lightweight and durable carbon frame houses the powerful (375 Wh) lithium battery pack with a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) with a 4 hour charge time.

the Cockpit
All the information the rider needs is presented in a streamlined, simple dash – battery level, driving mode, speed and gear position. No cable is visible.

Daytime running light
As of 2011, European law mandates that all automobiles are required to have daytime running lights (DRLs) which substantially increase the visibility of cars to other road users. The Gocycle G3C comes fitted with an automotive inspired DRL employing our proprietary light pipe design and technology.


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