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KUBE Sound. The Cooler With Speakers Waterproof

Official and updated information about the new KUBE Sound waterproof speaker. A refrigerator with sound system ideal for meetings, events, barbecues or family parties. Keep reading!
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The KUBE Sound is the ultimate in professional boat sound systems. As the name suggests, it is a cube-shaped refrigerator that can reproduce your favorite music with total clarity.

Thanks to this characteristic, the KUBE speaker has conquered the hearts of thousands of people, becoming an essential product for summer parties and family reunions.

However, the KUBE waterproof speaker isn’t only a refrigerator, it also has a large storage capacity, is equipped with a durable rechargeable battery and allows connection to different devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB inputs.

Thanks to this ingenious invention, you can enjoy your favorite songs with waterproof speakers and have access to cold drinks whenever you need it.

At TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys we want to provide you with the most incredible experiences for your events and that you enjoy the best sound quality with KUBE Sound. We will explain it to you in more detail below. Keep reading!

Why KUBE Sound System?

It’s a product designed in an excellent way. As well as acting as a fridge with a built-in sound system, this luxurious gadget also has a sleek and rugged look.

The exterior is made of anodized aluminum, features a 37L storage space, and is covered with a soft-touch material.

kube speaker

With the help of KUBE Sound, you can take the party wherever you want without the need for cables or external devices. You will have control of the music in your hands from any point of the event.

The KUBE waterproof speaker also has internal lighting, so you won’t have a problem finding your drinks even at night. And that’s not all! It will serve to help you carry your other equipment from the car to the picnic or barbecue place.

As for the interior, it isn’t like most refrigerators. The KUBE Sound has enough space to organize many things with ease, from drinks and food to ice packs. It’s like a small cooler ready for any adventure.

Features of KUBE speaker

The KUBE Sound engineering team has transformed a simple idea into a device capable of producing clear, powerful sound.

Thanks to the design and manufacture of this beautiful speaker, we can enjoy a waterproof refrigerator with extraordinary features. Get to know them all below!


The KUBE Sound is designed for any party and has the ideal dimensions to be transported anywhere. It measures 585 x 451 x 433 mm and weighs 21’8 kg.

We are talking about a large but portable fridge, and with a storage compartment of up to 35 L. As you can imagine, there is enough space for a good number of bottles: three cases of beer or sixteen bottles of wine.


The best part of the KUBE Bluetooth speaker is the sound quality. This device offers 122 dB that allows projecting the audio over large areas, covering 360º of the space.

In addition, it has an impressive sound pressure level, which is as loud as thunder. It features advanced audio components to deliver uniformly radiant melodies with low levels of distortion.


The KUBE Sound’s battery, made with a Li-Ion power system, lasts approximately 50 hours if you set your playlist to medium volume (94 dB).

However, if you want to have a lot more fun, the battery can last up to 10 hours (at a maximum volume of 122 dB). It also has a USB port so you can charge your device.


The KUBE bluetooth speaker has a wireless range of 91’4 meters and seems to work very competently to transmit the three speakers’ sound that makes up the device.

kube speaker cooler

You can also connect your devices by cable in the audio input or enjoy your favorite music through Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/n/g, dual band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz. This device also has dual diversity antennas.

Certified material

With the KUBE Sound you get a high quality and durable product made of anodized aluminum. It is resistant to shocks, oils, dirt and UV rays thanks to its ABS plastic and soft-touch rubber finishes.

The storage compartment has an FDA approved resin that keeps your food or drinks free of any contamination.

Where to buy KUBE bluetooth speaker in Spain?

If you’re sick of having parties with a lousy sound system, you can buy your KUBE Sound now at TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys. Book it in a matter of seconds in our online store or visit us in Barcelona.

If you have any doubts or questions, the sales team will be happy to answer all your requests. We are 100% committed to having fun for our customers and we want your speaker experience to be as pleasant as possible.

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