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We tell you the history of the factory and where it is located. The secrets of the best underwater scooter in the world. All current information here.
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The SEABOB is an electric scooter that allows you to dive into the water at high speed. But, what is the origin of this luxury toy?

Thanks to its up-to-date rotor, this device sucks and releases water at high pressure. Thus, its thrust power is high, it has an exceptional torque and also a very low energy consumption.

For several years, it has become the favorite yacht water toy and all the world’s charters. And you, have you already tried it?

At TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys we tell you where is SEABOB made and all its history. Keep reading!

What is CAYAGO AG?

CAYAGO AG is the technology specialist for the development and manufacture of exclusive water sports vehicles. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, CAYAGO AG builds the world’s fastest water and diving scooter: the SEABOB.

cayago ag

Since the company was founded in 2007, innovation and quality have been the focus of his work. So much so, that success was not long in coming when they put this toy on the market.

As a water sports vehicle, the SEABOB meets the highest quality requirements. It’s the result of laborious and precise handiwork using high-quality materials and sophisticated components. This is the “high performance technology” made in Germany.

SEABOB for sale

At TAKEOFF®, our clients always seek the most advanced technical innovation and the best quality. For this reason, we work with CAYAGO to offer the best products.

With those priorities in mind, we have developed our company philosophy: high-performance technology through innovation and quality down to the last detail. Our high-end brand claim “Luxury Toys” also reflects this approach.

If you are interested in buying a SEABOB, you can visit our online store and ask our specialists. We hope that it has served you and that you know now where is SEABOB made.


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