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What is JETSURF? History and origin

All the updated information about JETSURF motorized surfboards. We explain the history of the brand, the different models and where you can buy it.
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It’s in the human DNA to transform and perfect things. When the subject is extreme water sports, this statement becomes even more serious, and JETSURF proves it. Discover next what is JETSURF. 

This brand creates motorized surfboards that allow you to reach high speeds and enjoy an unparalleled experience. It’s finally time to tell your friends you’re a surfer, even if you’ve never ridden a wave before. With JETSURF you can surf in fresh or salt water without any problems.

At TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys we put at your disposal the different models of these boards in Spain. Below we tell you everything you need to know about these incredible toys, ideal to accompany you on your boat. Keep reading!

History of JETSURF

JETSURF was founded in 2008 by Martin Sula, an engineer who works with Formula One cars. The idea of creating a motorized surfboard existed for years, but it took a more concrete form when Sula combined his knowledge with that of Tadej Sterk and Zbynek Bures.

jetsurf history

The central idea of the company has always been to expand the boundaries of water sports. Among JETSURF’s peculiarities, the main one is its mobility.

It’s one of the few motorized water vehicles that can be transported individually by car, boat and even plane (as it passes without problems as conventional luggage on both domestic and international flights).

JETSURF motorized surfboards

It goes without saying that the difference between JETSURF and a traditional board is the presence of an engine in its structure.

This motorized surfboard has several models, each with some particular specifications; some have a gasoline engine, while others are powered by an electric motor. Learn more details below.

Petrol powered

Motorized surfboards can be electric or powered by gasoline engines, and each type has particular characteristics. See below which are the models with gasoline engines.


jetsurf sport

The JETSURF Sport is durable and reliable, but above all, this model is the ideal ally for newcomers to the world of jetsurfing. It has a two-stroke 90 CC engine that will allow you to enjoy for more than an hour using only 2.8 liters of fuel. 


adventure dfi

A couple of new features are introduced in the JETSURF Adventure DFI. For example, it can reach a speed of up to 55 km/h, and will guarantee a higher level of independence by allowing you to put extra fuel on board and enjoy a cruising speed for up to 3 hours.

This model is equipped with a low-emission DFI engine and features a muffler that significantly reduces noise at 59 dB.

JETSURF Adventure DFI Plus

adventure dfi plus

It’s the newest model of the petrol JETSURF boards. It has an extra tank of gas that will allow you to prolong your surfing sessions. With this board you will be able to travel up to 10 km in cruising speed, ideal for long distance trips on lakes. 


jetsurf race dfi

The JETSURF Race DFI is ideal for surfing and riding waves like a pro without all the training. It will allow you to make tight turns and master even the steepest waves. You can control your speed, and balance with the control handle for added comfort. 

JETSURF Race Titanium

jetsurf race titanium

It is the fastest board, allowing you to reach up to 64 km/h. The Race Titanium surfboards were developed to produce a high-end board for racing and big wave surfing. It’s also lighter, more ergonomic, and features DFI technology, a digital fuel injection engine.

Electric powered

The JETSURF electric motorized surfboard has nothing to envy to those that use petrol. The installed engine allows an average speed of 50 km/h that you can enjoy even on the surface of calm water and have a bigger dose of the adrenaline related to this sport. Find out more below. 

JETSURF Electric

jetsurf electric

The JETSURF Electric combines the best features of the brand with environmental benefits. It allows for optimal weight distribution and fast turnaround, plus in-hand control for speed control.

It uses a battery with a capacity of 3.1 kWh (59 Ah) and a charging time of 2.5 hours. This option guarantees 35 minutes of fun.

How to buy a JETSURF?

The ideal place to buy a JETSURF is TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys. We are the official distributors of the brand in Spain, and we offer you all the models to start your adventure in the world of surfing. 

You can buy your board in Spain from our online store or by visiting our establishment in sunny Barcelona. JETSURF prices vary depending on the model, but range from 8,490 to 12,990 euros.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have! We will answer all your questions to make sure you get the best motorized surfboard suitable to your needs.

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