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What is a SEABOB? [Complete Guide]

All the information about the best underwater scooter. We tell you what a SEABOB is, how to use it and where you can buy it. Keep reading!
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We strive to offer you the best water toys for your yacht charter and today we are going to show you what is a SEABOB. It is one of the most innovative and fun nautical toys of recent times.

If you already know the famous water sled, you know what we are talking about. If not, you’re about to discover an incredible experience!

We could say that a SEABOB is a kind of underwater jet ski, which allows you to dive without limits and without effort, in a relaxed way or at dizzying speeds. A revolution in the field of luxury water toys – and at TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys we have them for you!

The Best Underwater Scooter

A propulsive force of 680 newtons or, in other words, an injection of underwater adrenaline, is the main feature of this revolutionary nautical toy. Despite its power, the SEABOB moves quietly underwater and with excellent manoeuvrability.

Coming from CAYAGO AG, it was made by a design that emanates from the presitgious Italian car company Lamborghini and an onboard software developed by the luxurious brand Porsche underline its exclusivity in terms of nautical toys.

seabob scooter

When you rent a SEABOB, you are driving the forefront of nautical technology. Its hydrodynamic design gives you unprecedented agility.

The handling, immersion and driving of this water toy is done with the displacement of the weight of your body. The power of SEABOB will take you wherever you want and allow you to dive in a unique way. Once you try it, you won’t want to stop using it. 

With the on-board electronic system you can program the depth of diving you want, up to 40 meters. The safety device also prevents you from exceeding the depths you select so that you can safely dive into the fascinating underwater world.

How To Use a SEABOB?

Two intelligent controlgrips with piezoelectric technology allow the pilot to maneuver his water sport vehicle. By actuating the trigger, the propulsion system is activated. 

If the situation requires an immediate stop, simply release this trigger: the thrust stops and the vehicle will stop instantly.

how to use a seabob

The SEABOB is maneuvered using different buttons:

  • A slight pressure on the green sensor allows to accelerate powerfully and smoothly to the desired speed.
  • A pressure on the red sensor makes it possible to slow down the seabob by reducing the thrust.
  • Two additional piezoelectric buttons allow you to program an individual data menu such as the electronically-controlled setting of the diving depth and the driving time, but also other parameters.

How Much is a SEABOB?

If you want to buy a SEABOB and you are comparing prices, you should know that our pricing policy is transparent and official.

At TAKEOFF® we are official SEABOB dealers and offer the most competitive price you can find. Let’s see them:

SEABOB F5Speeds of 9.3 mph over water, 8.1 mph underwater. Steering & diving only require shift in body weight. Operates 60 minutes.7.854€
SEABOB F5 SSpeeds of 12.4 mph over water, 11.18 mph under water. Steering & diving only require shift in body weight. Operates 60 minutes.10.780€
SEABOB F5 SRSpeeds of 13.7 mph. Steering & diving only require shift in body weight. Operates 70 minutes.14.565€

Where To Buy a SEABOB in Spain?

You can order your new SEABOB quickly and easily from our shop. To make the ordering process as convenient as possible for you, we take over the complete transaction right up until delivery to your chosen address. 

Are you already a fan of snorkeling? Free diving? Scuba diving? Now that you know what is a SEABOB, you have to try it at TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys.


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