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All SEABOB Accessories in Spain

Description of all the official SEABOB accessories that you can buy in Spain. Updated information of each accessory to navigate more comfortably with the most powerful underwater scooter in the world.
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The SEABOB underwater scooter is a new type of water sport that is growing in popularity in recent years, especially among those who don’t miss an adventure. With SEABOB accessories, you can enjoy a unique and unbeatable experience.

Diving in the waters of the Mediterranean is always a good option. However, doing it with SEABOB still makes it more attractive. The crystal clear water and the richness of marine life in the region make this watercraft an essential activity in Spain.

Knowing all this, don’t miss the opportunity to sail at high speed along the coast with this water jet. In addition, there are several accessories that facilitate its transport and the experience on the water.

At TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys, we are your allies to help you experience the best things in life. Discover next all about the SEABOB accessories in Spain and contact us to rent or buy one. 

Official SEABOB dealer in Spain

If you are wondering what SEABOB is, it’s a water scooter used as a diving machine. Like a toy that allows you to observe the depths of the sea from another perspective. All this without knowing how to swim and without much effort.

However, what many don’t know is that it’s available in Spain thanks to the TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys team. We are the official distributors of this brand throughout the country and we also have the technical service certificate.

On the other hand, its different models and SEABOB accessories have been created by CAYAGO, a Porsche company known for the manufacture of sports cars.

This seal of excellence regards SEABOB as a luxury product, as they are created with premium engineering and technology to ensure a safe and fun experience.

How many SEABOB accessories are there?

SEABOB accessories provide an excellent experience on the water. This toy is made with careful manual work including valuable carbon parts, ceramic tiles and salt water resistant metals.

Thanks to its modern technology, the engine reaches high speeds and offers exceptional efficiency. And all this in a compact size! Here are all SEABOB accessories:

Quick Charger

cargador rápido

Now you can charge your SEABOB in no time thanks to the quick charger. With high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries, the motor of this luxurious toy can achieve the energy required to run for 60 minutes. The quick charger charges in 90 minutes.


seabob cart

The SEABOB has dimensions of 1,152 x 507 x 372 mm and weighs approximately 29 kg. As you can see, it’s a large and bulky luxury toy that cannot be easily transported without a car.

This SEABOB accessory was designed for easy transport and handling for all models. It has a lightweight design, a stable construction, and an adjustable handle.


seabob rack

The SEABOB rack helps maintain safe and sound any SEABOB models in your yacht’s garage. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and has an easy-to-use design.


seabob bag

If you need to take your SEABOB F5 or any other model to a place where the cart cannot access, we have the solution! The bag is designed with strong and durable material and is ideal for protecting and handling water scooters.


seabob weight

Weights are one of the most useful and in-demand SEABOB accessories. They are used to stabilize the movement of this luxurious underwater toy and provide a weight compensation system that enhances the diving experience.

SEABOB Pilot Belt System

SEABOB Pilot Belt System

The SEABOB pilot belt system will allow you to have more control and agility on the water, even when cruising at maximum speed. Since you will be attached to the vehicle, you will not have to use your arms to grab the SEABOB.

With this accessory, you only have to worry about accelerating and enjoying a very exhilarating driving experience.

Where to buy SEABOB accessories in Spain?

You have it easy. If you want to buy any of the SEABOB accessories, all you need to do is visit us. Our store is in Barcelona, but you could always visit our online store if you can’t come here. There you will find that all the products of SEABOB are available. 

Remember that at TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys we are the official distributors of SEABOB in Spain. We have everything you need to explore the underwater world. We will wait for you!

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