How Much Is a JETSURF? [Price Guide]

All updated prices for JETSURF motorized surfboards. We give you the reasons why you should buy it, all the benefits it will bring you and where you can buy it. Keep reading!
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If you are one of those who love extreme sports, technology, nature and innovation, we are convinced that JETSURF is made for you. Today we will tell you how much is a JETSURF and everything that surrounds this motorized surfboard.

It’s a cutting-edge technology jetboard. An invention that combines power and impeccable design in a carbon fiber board, thus allowing a better balance, performance and lightness to the surfer.

For all athletes who believe that surfing is a unique pleasure that promotes relaxation, JETSURF breaks all the canons. Now you can practice this sport at high speed without the need for waves or wind.

At TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys we want to make your dreams come true. If you always wanted to be a surfer but have never stood on a board, this is your moment. In our online store you can buy any of the JETSURF models and enjoy the benefits of these innovative surfboards.

Why buy JETSURF?

Surfing, according to reports, was introduced in Hawaii by the Polynesian king Tahíto. Some reports point out that before the Hawaiians, Peruvian people already used a reed board to slide over the waves.

how much jetsurf is

This sport gained recognition at the Olympic Games of 1912 in Stockholm when Duke Paoa Kahanamoku became a swimming champion; back then, he talked about his surfing passion. For that, he is considered the father of modern surfing.

Since those first wooden boards, surfing has evolved a lot, allowing us to enjoy new ways of conquering the waves such as JETSURF. Here’s why you should buy one:

  • It’s a new sport that is becoming more popular every day. All around the globe, it’s getting common to see championships and tournaments based on the use of motorized surfboards; the most popular one, it’s the “MotoSurf WorldCup”. Buy your JETSURF now and star training to compete with the stars of this new extreme sport.
  • Es la tabla motorizada más rápida del mundo. No matter what model of JETSURF you buy, you’ll always enjoy the highest speeds for this type of luxury toys. Since this brand has equipped its surfboards with a 2-stroke engine, you’ll have the opportunity to reach speeds up to 37 mph. Not bad at all.  
  • Its great lightness will allow you to take your board anywhere. Thanks to its carbon fiber shell, this luxurious water toy weighs only 15 kg, making it the lightest motorized surfboard in the industry 
  • It’s easier to use in deep water. This quality makes all the motorized surfboards of this brand the perfect complement for any trip or long stay on a yacht.
  • It requires minimal maintenance. Buy JETSURF if you don’t want to worry about anything except having fun. You only need rinsing, charging and refueling to get started.

JETSURF pricing

If you are wondering how much is a JETSURF, its price varies between 8,490€ and 12,990€, depending on the model you choose. There are tables of gasoline and also electric. We show you!

jetsurf pricing

Benefits of jetsurfing

Those who think that jetsurfing is just jet skiing are roundly mistaken. The possibilities don’t stop there. This luxury toy has everything to be like a surfboard, but better thanks to some details: exhaust, electric starter, carburetor, turbine, battery, and gas tank.

Al those characteristics provide different benefits to the user, such as:

  1. Almost all modern motorized boards have safety systems. For example, JETSURF models can stop when you remove the control panel or when the pilot is thrown in the water. 
  2. The motorized surfboard that uses petrol has a wired controller that allows you to set up the speed you want to do comfortable rides or accelerate to the fullest;  this device can stop and start the engine. The motorized surfboard that uses a battery, as the JETSURF Electric, has a wireless control that features a screen that shows the battery level and other important parameters. 
  3. JETSURF is designed for the whole family’s fun, with a smaller engine to maximize fuel efficiency and battery operation. Any model offers the most experienced drivers more power and freedom in all water conditions. Its ergonomic straps and footrests hold users to the boards, allowing jumps and even flips.

Official JETSURF dealer in Spain

At TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys we offer you all the different jetboards of this brand. From the classic Sport model to the different Adventure variations (DFI and DFI Plus). You can also find the Race DFI and the Titanium DFI in our online store.

On the other hand, this same year, the brand launched the electric version with the JETSURF Electric. A totally silent board that works with a very light battery.

Since 1980, we have always provided new forms of fun to all our clients, that is why we are the official JETSURF dealer in Spain. Now that you know how much is a JETSURF, you can place your order online or visit us at our store in Barcelona. We will wait for you!

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