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Radinn. Electric Jetboards of the Future

The latest news from the Swedish manufacturer of electric surfboards. Radinn sets the trend in water sports with its risky designs and has established itself as a technology leader. Keep reading!
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Surfing is much more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle which can be very luxurious if you have the best equipment by your side. Yes, we are talking about the electric surfboard designed by Radinn.

This brand is responsible for making some of the most incredible water toys that can provide a superb experience for those who love to surf. 

At TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys, our mission is to help you make your wildest dreams come true. If you’ve always wanted to participate in extreme water sports but haven’t been able to, this is your chance.

You can find the best models of Radinn electric surfboard in our online store. All of them will allow you to have fun, receive a dose of adrenaline, and live the best experience that it is. Learn more about this brand and the capacities of its products here!

What is a jetboard?

Surfers know the unparalleled pleasure of riding a wave. However, you need some small details: wind, waves, and a certain amount of skill.

There is when the jetboard designed by Radinn enters the scene, a product that breaks the most fundamental prerequisite for surfing: waves. This jetboard is powered by an electric motor, which allows surfing rivers, lakes, and calm oceans with a considerable speed.

In the form of an ordinary surfboard hides a water bike soul. Its creators have designed an extremely powerful but small and flat engine that can lodge inside the board’s body and take it to reach over 50 km/h.

electric jetboard

As if that weren’t enough, the accelerations are hallucinating. The jetboard makes a step into the future because a hand throttle allows the rider to control it.

In this control, with ergonomic design to avoid wrist fatigue, are the ignition button, to increase and decrease the speed to the surfer’s techniques. 

Any Radinn jetboard is known for being very stable thanks to the rudders and its dynamic design. Even at high speeds, the board doesn’t slide and obeys the commands meticulously. It’s possible to make tight turns almost horizontally, jumps, and all sorts of stunts with excellent safety. 

It’s the perfect companion for any boat trip. With a Radinn by your side you will never be bored and, most importantly, you will practice a 100% sustainable and emission-free sport.

Radinn electric surfboard

The company created by the Swedish Philip Werner, Radical Innovation (Radinn AB), revealed the most insane jetboards on the market right now.

Silent, resistant, and entirely innovative with a PRO software update significantly increases top speed and acceleration.

The Radinn electric surfboardn is made of lightweight carbon fiber and equipped with a silent jet propulsion system. Radinn can transform any aquatic environment, even without waves, into the perfect sports scenario.

Small enough to carry in a car or boat, the different models are much more than ordinary boards. Discover more about their functions and characteristics below!


radinn freeride

Radinn Freeride, perfect for new riders, comes in two colors. It is equipped with a powerful G3 electric motor, working in conjunction with a waterjet system and allowing you to recover a speed of about 43 km/h. In the Pro configuration, the maximum rates reach 56 km/h. 

Thanks to its durable carbon fiber with Kevlar elements, you won’t have to worry about the risk of breakage and wear. The standard range time of use is 45 minutes, and to recharge the battery takes 5 to 6 hours. 


radinn carve

The Radinn Carve is the most recent model of the Swedish company. The improved design now it’s much lighter and more compact. It’s not as fast as the Freeride; the power unit allows a top speed of 52 km/h.

Regardless of this, the Carve is perfect for advanced riders because it’s highly agile and light. It weighs 9 kg, with dimensions of 1901 x 779 x 166 mm.


radinn explore

Suppose you are looking for a powered surfboard that is elegant and suitable for rivers and lakes. In that case, the Radinn Explore is perfect for you. This board has the most efficient quality-price ratio of all Radinn electric surfboards.

You get the same outstanding features as the previous models, like a speed variation from 40 to 52 km/h, depending on the configuration you choose when buying (Standard or Pro).

Why buy a Radinn electric surfboard?

Radinn electric surfboards are “the next big thing” in the world of extreme water sports. Anyone who rides waves with a Radinn has access to an innovative experience full of adrenaline and fun. 

You don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying yourself on it. This electric surfboard is resistant, needs no maintenance, and has a long-range of use. Get your modular jetboard with us.

At TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys you can buy or rent your favorite Radinn model because we are the official suppliers of this brand in Spain. Visit our online store now or come to Barcelona to try the board on the city’s beaches.

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