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Awake Boards. The electric surfboards

Discover the new electric surfboards from the Swedish company Awake. We explain its two models and what is its price. Keep reading!
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Mastering the waves with all the skill of a professional is the goal of any surfer. With a regular surfboard, you get some excitement and adrenaline, but Awake Boards are able to intensify these sensations.

Technology has evolved a lot in the last decade, which has allowed new versions of motorized boards to be superior. Now, you can do some electric surfing on smaller boards that use eco-friendly engines, instead of combustion engines.

Awake Boards have manufactured some of the best models of luxury electric surfboards. This Swedish brand offers, through its sophisticated devices, a completely different experience with a higher dose of adrenaline, thanks to the speed achieved by their electric surfboards, already available in the market.

In TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys you can rent or buy the Awake’s surfboards at the best price, so you can enjoy a unique experience on your next boat trip. First, discover below all you need to know about Awake Boards and its different types of boards.

Origin of Awake Boards

Awake Boards was born in Sweden in 2017. Three experts in the personal watercraft industry who had one goal in mind founded the company. They wanted to create high quality and innovative luxury toys.

The Swedish manufacturer of electric surfboards Awakes launched in the summer of 2018 its original RÄVIK, which although it was not the first product, its innovative design helped to revolutionize this niche.

They recently introduced the RÄVIK S, a more advanced and attractive electric surfboard. Now the company is working on the next version of its premium electric board.

Types of Awake Boards

Awake created its surfboards with the idea of creating a powerful, fast, and quality device. Built for superior acceleration, Awake’s boards provide the user with unparalleled riding experience.

Created from high-quality composites, these electric surfboards challenge surfers with their power and versatility for maneuvers.

The tail helps provide quick response and great agility, while the aerodynamic body design was sculpted based on the principles of hydrodynamics. Learn more details below.



The electric board Awake RÄVIK S was recently presented at the international BOOT fair Düsseldorf 2020. RÄVIK S has a redesigned casing for improved hydrodynamic performance, partly constructed from carbon fiber.

The RÄVIK S has an 11 kW electric motor, capable of making the surfboard reach the incredible speed of 56 km/h. It is a smaller and improved version of the original RÄVIK, which has received the IF Design Award and Red Dot Design. Surfers control it with a wireless accelerator that stays in their hands.

There’s also an app where you can see the battery status, which lasts about 30 minutes and choose from four operating modes: kids, eco, sport, and extreme.


Awake Ravik One

With its timeless design and innovative functions, the Awake RÄVIK ONE is the brand’s leading product. It has a strong tail that optimizes stability, but without sacrificing other aspects such as speed or maneuverability.

Like the RÄVIK S, this device has four operating modes that can be adjusted from the app (available for Android or iOS devices). It offers fast acceleration from 0 to 50 km in only 4 seconds.

The other features are the same as those of the RÄVIK S, with the only difference that the RÄVIK ONE is larger, measuring 179x61x22 cm.

Price of Awake electric surfboards

The price of Awake Boards’ electric surfboards varies depending on the model. The RÄVIK S is priced at 16.900€, while the RÄVIK ONE costs 15.900€. With the purchase of any of the models, you receive a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

After seeing all the features of the Awake boards, it is clear that your electric surfing skills will not be the same after trying them out. Take our words as a fact; in TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys, we are experts in yachting toys, as well as the official distributors in Spain of Awake Boards products.

Since 1980, we are working to guarantee an exclusive experience and unlimited moments of pleasure to our customers. If you want to know more about these electric surfboards or any of our services, we invite you to visit our online store.

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