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CAKE Electric Motorcycle [Complete Guide]

All the updated information about the new CAKE electric bikes. We explain the price, the specs and where you can buy it. Keep reading!
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The call of nature constantly attracts us, be it to practice sports in the water or in the mountains. We always want to live again the emotion of feeling the wind in our face. That scenario is perfect for a ride on a CAKE electric motorcycle that is not like conventional motorcycles.

We are talking about electric motorcycles that don’t emit annoying noise, nor do they cause a negative impact on the environment with their CO2. 

For that reason, more and more people are encouraged to do a little biking with a CAKE electric motorcycle. In TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys you can find all the models of the mountain bikes of this brand at the best price.

Don’t stay behind with the new trends, be part of the change that the world is experiencing, and forget the old practices. Reinvent yourself and give a twist to your life with the new electric motorcycles of CAKE.

These electric bikes go far beyond the standard, as they not only provide an electric motor and two wheels. Their design is inspired by versatility to offer a unique, high-quality experience to all users. Learn more about these mountain bikes below.

History of CAKE electric motorcycle

CAKE is a Swedish electric motorcycle company. It was born in 2016 and it’s characterized by combining a passion for extreme sports, with the mission to develop high-quality products and sustainable performance.

cake electric moto

After raising the necessary funds to launch the first batch of their electric motorcycle Kalk in a “Limited Edition” of 50 units, they managed to expand their company and by 2019, they were producing their electric motorcycles in series.

CAKE bikes models

As the market for electric bicycles continues to grow, the need has arisen among users to have a brand that offers them just what they are looking for.

CAKE is the perfect ally for modern motorcyclists with its e-motos designed by Stefan Ytterborn. He is already famous for creating the POC line of helmets and software.

The Swedish manufacturer of electric off-road motorcycles CAKE wants to reinvent the concept of mountain bikes with all its models. Check out the most popular ones below:


cake kalk

The Kalk is a lightweight electric motorcycle and weighs only 69 kg. It can be loaded with solar panels, the engine produces 20bhp of power, and offers easy and fun driving.

Three different engine brake modes can be selected, free, two-stroke and four strokes to imitate the inertia of different combustion engines.

The Kalk only takes an hour and a half to get 80% of its total load so you can get a range of about 2 hours by keeping the “Explore” mode that limits the maximum speed to 45 km/h.

In the “Excite” mode, specially designed for resistance and speed, you will have a range of 1 to 2 hours. Finally, in the “Excel” mode for driving on the track and in the race, you will have about 1 hour of autonomy.


cake osa

The Ösa is made of extruded aluminum and machined components, which allows you to add a number of accessories to suit the tastes of any rider.

It uses a battery to power the electric motor, which has several 5V and 12V outlets to connect all types of electronic equipment, and the manufacturer provides an optional 220V AC converter with a capacity of 1500W.

The CAKE Ösa weighs 65 kg in its basic configuration, with 17 kg from its 50A battery, giving it a range of up to 100 km.

Kalk INK

cake kalk ink

Kalk INK has the same technology as the original model mentioned above. Both use the same powerful drive train, although the INK has slightly heavier and more stable wheels and a simplified and even more robust suspension.

It is an ideal mountain bike for a fast exploration, without complications, without polluting or disturbing. It reaches up to 80 Km/h, and it’s fully charged in a maximum of two and a half hours.

Price of CAKE electric motorcycle

If you are looking for a cheap electric motorcycle, in TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys you can find the most innovative models that offer the best value for money. For example, we have different models of CAKE bikes whose price varies between 6,500 and 14,000 euros

No matter which one you choose, you will be able to use them on the streets or in the mountains without any problem because all the CAKE bikes comply with the current regulations.

Contact us via WhatsApp or Telegram to clarify any questions you may have about this electric bike. Also, if you like electric toys, you are probably also interested in the Onewheel, the new electric skateboard.

You can buy a CAKE motorcycle online or in our store in Barcelona. At TAKEOFF® Luxury Toys we are the official dealers of CAKE bikes in Spain.

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