The story behind of TAKEOFF®

Experts in Water Toys Since

More than 40 years of experience in water activities and fun with all kinds of sports equipment.

About Us

The future of fun

THE FUTURE OF FUN is much more than just a slogan. It signifies the beginning of a new era in the world of yacht toys and equipment. The leap to new technologies and the most avant-garde engineering to guarantee an experience never seen before. We step forward to bring you the latest in water toys and yacht accessories.

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Our vision

TAKEOFF® is the benchmark when it comes to fun at sea. We want the name resound in every port and be the first choice of the captains to equip their yachts. At TAKEOFF® we have a professional team that enjoys water sports and has extensive experience in luxury water toys. We are going to change the rules.

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Our mission

The aim of TAKEOFF® is to bring fun to superyachts who want water toys and to call us when they need it. Quality, commitment and timing are the three fundamental pillars of the project. We attend to all requests and offer service in the shortest possible time, because we know that something as important as fun cannot wait.

Committed to environmental sustainability

All our products prove the statement that great performance and have a very special feature: they are eco-friendly. We know that our customers appreciate the sustainability of equipment and we are fully aware of climate change. That is why we want to reduce the environmental impact with what will be the toys of the future.

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